Swaggerdile is shutting down :(

June 1st will be our last batch run. For full details, read here.

What is Swaggerdile?

Swaggerdile is a way for you to get paid to do what you love.

Specifically, you get people who subscribe to your "profile" and pay you on a monthly basis to produce content. People pay what they want, but you can offer specific "tiers" or levels of offerings that encourage people to donate certain amounts to receive rewards you define. You can then share your content with whatever combination of tiers you want!

What you produce is up to you, and Swaggerdile provides handy ways to manage your files and keep your content safe. See our FAQ below for more information!

What does it cost?

Swaggerdile only accepts Stripe payments at this time. We charge 3% on top of whatever credit card fees are assessed. At the time of this writing, Stripe charges 2.9% plus 30 cents.

Like our competition, we do bulk processing; meaning, we charge your supporters once and split the fees amongst our creators. So, your fees may be less as a result.

We intend to support other payment methods in the future, such as PayPal, which may change our fee structure.

How do I sign up?

If you have an account with our sister site, Tigerdile, you can just log in with those credentials. Easy as that! If you don't have an account, you can sign up on either site and the login will work on both.

You must have a login to support a creator.

That's cool, but how do I become a creator?

Content providers must all go through an Approval Process. Why? Because we're a small, niche site and we understand a lot of our creator's livelihoods depend on this service. It's our job to safeguard the service and make sure the content we host is acceptable and won't cause a problem with our card processors.

The approval process is the same for Tigerdile, and is good for both sites. So if you're approved to stream on Tigerdile, you are automatically approved to use Swaggerdile and vice-versa.

You are NOT required to use Tigerdile's services to use Swaggerdile!

To get started, click the "Create Profile" link in the header after you've logged in.

How Does Swaggerdile Protect You?

Some sites have problem with fraud; people who subscribe to grab your content with no intention to pay.

Swaggerdile combats this problem with three features:

What is the Historical Fee?

The Historical Fee is a great way to protect your content by requiring an up-front charge for newcomers to see what has been posted in the past. This one-time charge allows content creators who have extensive content offerings to get paid a fair amount for their work.

Historical Fees are completely optional; you do not have to use this feature as a Creator, and as a Supporter you can choose to not pay the fee if desired.

How does Swaggerdile handle VAT?

VAT, or Value Added Tax, is an epic pain in the butt for our European creators. We have plans to handle VAT for our creators, but those plans are not in place yet.

We're working on it as fast as we can!

Will Swaggerdile Support PayPal for Payments?

Reluctantly, yes, we have plans to. PayPal has not been a friend to the Furry community or to artists in general who choose to exercise their free speech to draw adult artwork. However, it's the thing everyone uses, so we are kind of forced to support it.

We will announce when support is available.

How Does Payout Work and What Does It Cost?

We support PayPal and Stripe for payouts. You pay all the fees associated with the money transfer, but we do not tack any additional fees on top of it.

Please note that money will only be available to you once it has cleared and Swaggerdile has received the payment. It may, in some cases, take several days to transfer money to you. However, we will do our best to minimize the delay!

Swaggerdile automatically sends payouts within 5 business days of payments being collected.