Swaggerdile is shutting down :(

June 1st will be our last batch run. For full details, read here.

Notice: Swaggerdile is no longer taking payments!

Our last billing run will be June 1st. We will allow people to fix card issues for maybe a week afterwards, but then we will no longer be accepting payments on Swaggerdile.

This is because our card processor, Stripe, has found us to be against their Terms of Service. Specfically, the "No Aggregation" clause. They have kindly permitted us to run billing one final time, and they have been nothing but kind and helpful. So while it saddens me that we're being shut down, I want to stress they have been really good about this when it was in their right to ban-hammer us if they wanted to.

There's a number of options we could pursue; however, they will all require an incredible amount of programming effort and they may face similar perils or cause us to be considerably less competitive with our larger rival.

The simple fact is, since the beginning, Patreon has been allowed to follow a different set of rules. They get to use PayPal for adult content, for instance, which is something we could never do. They also get to remain in business even though they're doing the exact same thing we are.

Out of the ashes, we're planning on revamping this service to make it into something that works with Patreon instead of against it. We're planning to make this into something of a Patreon enabled Dropbox and a value-add service to our primary line of business, Tigerdile.

We may also provide some form of payment service in the future as well; if we do, it will be constructed in a way to comply with our card processor's rules.

Thank you for your use or interest in Swaggerdile. We're very sorry it didn't work out!